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Everything Begins with a VISION.

8th Degree Tae Kwon Do Grandmaster Soo Se Cho recognized a need for greater safety in martial arts training and competition. It was his passion. Armed with nearly 30 years of martial arts training and teaching experience from Korea to Turkey to the U.S., Master Cho designed Macho's original line of sparring gear and enlisted his students to use the gear, provide ideas and help him make it even better (In fact, many of this original group are still at Macho today, carrying on Master Cho's legacy of excellence).

As the first pieces of Macho Martial Arts sparring gear were sent out, hand-dipped experiments were still being done in a cut-off oil drum in a borrowed building. We created it from scratch, by hand.

It wasn't about being first, but we were. It wasn't about creating innovations. But we did. We kicked butt. Our love for the sport and need for safety in martial arts sparring competition kept driving us.

In less than a year, we were having a hard time keeping up with orders. By March of 1981, we moved to what was then a palatial 7200 sq. ft. building. And much to our surprise, we needed more room just six months later. We had no idea we'd be manufacturing hundreds of thousands of pieces of gear annually in a 70,000 square foot facility.

The company's first patented innovation came with the ear release canal that protects users by decreasing the risk of damage to the eardrum from inappropriate strikes that drive air into the ear canal. Again and again, year after year, we produce new innovations that pave the way for new products and features. Macho has been leading the way for almost 30 years. Our innovations have become industry standard.
Introduce first Martial Arts Head to market. Patented finger-grip design on the Macho punch (now industry standard).

Patented kick with criss-cross strapping (now industry standard).

Modify design for a Deluxe Competition Head in response to the need for increased peripheral vision.

Patented headgear design with ear-release canals (now industry standard).

Insurance companies require martial arts schools to use head gear in classes.

First "full head" introduced - providing additional coverage to the cheeks and jaw. First attachable shield offered for full face coverage.

Dr. Dennis Lieu of University of California Berkeley initiates head gear testing, measuring the pure acceleration to the head of a blunt object, analyzing both the force and the duration of head acceleration.
Macho partners with Dr. Dennis Lieu to further research and test its own head gear for quality. Dr. Lieu develops the Drop Anvil test - based on bicycle safety helmet standards - as a first step in simulating trauma from martial arts blows. Macho conducts the first independent laboratory tests on Dyna and Warrior, and the gear of other manufacturers.

Macho re-tests the same set of gear with improved results indicating testing did influence the manufacturing standards and quality of the sparring gear.

American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) committee established to study safety standards for martial arts equipment manufacturing. Macho becomes a member of the ASTM Committee. Macho funds research project and testing mechanism designed by Dr. Dennis Lieu.

In-depth knowledge of impact protection brings first headgear with impact dispersing trauma plates to the market by Macho Products. Macho Products sets up on-site testing lab with new swing arm testing mechanism.
Macho gets utility patent for headgear w/ protective plates. ASTM passes standard and is adopted for the martial arts industry. Macho takes leadership role and sends its gear alongside key competitors gear for compliance testing. Macho XP, Warrior and Dyna pass all aspects of new standard with the exception of the retention test.

Macho is only gear on the market that has been tested that passes the ASTM specification. Macho adds Tonchu product line, an innovative line of training products.

Macho introduces Universal Face Shield, in collaboration with Christine-Bannon Rodrigues, to meet the new tournament requirements mandating face protection. Macho partners with TKD3D, for an interactive training product featuring Olympians Steven and Mark Lopez, coached by Jean Lopez.

Macho increases product offering by over 50% to meet the needs of school owners.

Macho continues expansion of Martial Arts Uniform product line to become one of the largest manufacturers/distributors of Martial Arts Supplies.