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Innovation is Our Middle name

Macho Martial Arts research and development team is the driving force behind the brand we believe in. A product line that puts product safety and quality first. And a customer satisfaction rating that exceeds all expectations. Customers who buy from Macho continue to buy from Macho. Leading Martial Artists prefer Macho.

There is a reason Macho has reputation for being a leader in the martial arts community. Macho was the first company and for many years the only company to test its gear. Almost every feature in Macho's martial arts sparring gear was once patented by Macho. Today, these features have become industry standard and have been copied by many companies. But, these copies are missing the expertise and mastery that Macho's product line features. The differences are subtle, but significant. Fit, feel, comfort and safety...these are features you cannot copy without knowledge and expertise. Macho's research and development team are masters in their craft. It is the reason Macho sparring gear exceeds all others.

Large martial arts organizations and competitive athletes prefer Macho. Once you wear our gear, you'll know why.

In addition to Macho's formal and independent lab tests, products are punched thousands of times, kicked repeatedly and put through crash tests - and punched again. A long-standing tradition in the research process is listening to people whose high standards matter the most: martial artists. Macho asks for feedback, carefully listens and responds in the next generation of product development. Macho also uses focus groups to field test developing products and gauge their effectiveness and appeal.

Any martial arts product that features the Macho name has been designed and tested for the highest quality materials we can find.