Not all Sparring Gear is Created Equal.

Macho has been known for being obsessed with our safety story. It’s true; we care what happens after you buy the gear. More importantly we know what can happen if you choose the wrong gear. Gear may look the same, but poor foam density and overall construction can greatly reduce the level of impact protection.

Know how your gear stacks up.

Below are simplified descriptions of some of the tests defined in the ASTM criteria for testing martial arts headgear. Find out how your gear stacks up. Call Macho for more information or ask other manufacturers if their gear has been tested in accordance with the ASTM standards.
[ STRIKING TEST ] Martial Arts sparring includes kicks and strikes that could impact the head. The striking test mimics the power of these strikes and determines how much energy the gear absorbs to reduce the impact.

In 2003, Macho used this testing methodology to evaluate its newest product, the Macho XP which features patent-pending impact-dispersing trauma plates. The XP headgear proved to provide the most protection of all headgear tested.
[ RETENTION ] It is extremely important to wear securely fitting headgear that does not shift during sparring. If your headgear spins around your head, critical areas could be exposed and injured. Most headgear features an elastic strap that stretches out and could allow your headgear to shift.

To resolve this issue, Macho has just introduced XP, Warrior and Dyna heads with chin pads that secure the gear to your head and prevents unnecessary shifting while sparring.
[ FALLING TEST ] Falling creates the most serious injuries. Whether you are a world champion or a beginner, you can lose your balance. This test assesses the typical impact you would feel when falling on the back of your head.

In 1997, Macho was the first manufacturer to use the drop anvil (falling test) to test its gear against the competition. Macho gear proved to be the safest.
[ VISION ] Maximum peripheral vision is a safety and performance issue. When you choose your headgear, make sure nothing obstructs your view. You should have a minimum unobstructed view of 105 degrees.

This will assist you in your sparring and help you move out of the way of an oncoming strike.
[ EAR PRESSURE RELEASE ] The ear pressure release test checks to make sure the headgear design enables air to flow around the ear to protect the eardrums from rupturing. Macho introduced the patented ear-release canal design in 1984. A Macho innovation that has now become an industry standard.