The Ali Kemp Foundation

Steve Collins - Thursday, March 13, 2014
Today is a big day for The Ali Kemp Foundation they are hoping to shatter their all-time high traffic numbers...but they need your help! The Foundation’s T.A.K.E. Defense will be featured for 24 hours on starting tonight at midnight; this is a pro bono placement on the right side of the page under the 'Make a Difference' header. If you believe that everyone should know how to defend themselves, spread the word about their placement so everyone can learn self-defense tips. As you know, knowledge is the best defense.So excited to support The Ali Kemp Foundation on today! Check it out to learn self-defense tips.

Get Inspired. Become a Martial Arts Athlete.

Steve Collins - Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Macho is proud to say we work with these athletes. They are inspiring, innovative and talented. As summer approaches and you are wondering what to do with your children, we encourage you to check out some martial arts summer camps in your area. Hyper Martial Arts has a series of summer camps and seminars. There are martial arts schools all around and community recreation centers often host summer martial arts camp programs. Check out this video. Our next post will be some camp features and what to look for in a martial arts school or program.

Macho's Riot Training Shield

Steve Collins - Saturday, November 10, 2012
See how this curved shield design gives you more strike zones when training. It offers superior shock absorption due to the curved trauma plate that is sandwiched between the layers of foam. Watch it in action.

Martial Arts Masters: Dayna Huor

Steve Collins - Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dayna Huor for Macho Martial Arts3rd Degree Black Belt and Extreme Martial Artist 20 NASKA World Championship Titles Member of the Sideswipe Team

At just two and a half years old, she began her love of martial arts. She earned her black belt in TaeKwonDo and Karate by the time she was nine. Now a 3rd degree black belt in TaeKwonDo and a 1st degree black belt in Karate, her achievements have put her among the sports elite as a NASKA, ISKA, and WKA World champion, an honored Team Paul Mitchell member, and a performer alongside the respected Sideswipe Performance Team. She's appeared on America's Got Talent and in a Nike commercial during the 2010 Winter Olympics. Dayna Huor TITLES 2005 AKA Grands Warrior Cup 2006 Bluegrass N 2006 Twin Towers 2006 Pan American 2007 AKA Grands 2007 Compete Nationals 2007 Quebec 2007 US Open 2007 US Capitol 2007 Diamond Nationals 2008 WKA World Gold 2009 Ocean State Grand Nationals 2009 Quebec (double) 2009 AKA Grand Nationals 2009 Battle of Atlanta 2009 Lonestar (double) 2009 Pan American 2009 Diamond Nationals

What Head Gear Features Are Most Important?

Steve Collins - Friday, October 26, 2012
Macho Head Gear FeaturesIn his research, Dr. Dennis K Lieu of  U.C. Berkeley says the best headgear uses foam with high energy absorbing properties. Gear that uses foam that is too hard will fail to absorb enough energy.  Foam that is too soft can compact too quickly and “bottom out” in its ability to absorb energy.  Either way, too much energy will reach the head causing dangerous acceleration. Higher quality headgear uses a foam formulation with just the right density in order to absorb the optimal amount of energy.  Closed cell foam, used by companies like Macho, help to further absorb energy by briefly deforming its foam cell structure and then returning to its original shape. It’s almost impossible to determine if the formulation of any headgear is optimal for energy absorption without testing.  Because of this fact, foam testing of equipment is critical, otherwise the manufacturer can’t insure you are getting the best protection possible. Macho products is one of the only manufacturers that tests the formulation of its gear. Has yours been tested?   Though martial arts tournaments and schools may require gear, they often don’t specify what legitimate gear should be. So you could be wearing gear that looks more protective than you expect.

Gear Features to Look For

Foam Thickness According to Dr. Dennis K. Lieu, the thicker the foam, the better.  The foam layers should be at least 3/4” thick at all locations. Critical Area Coverage Additional layers should be ladded to the vulnerable, concussive areas to help absorb more energy at critical protection areas like the back of the head and temples. Closed-cell Construction Besides the ability to absorb more impact, closed-cell construction resists chemicals and is resistant to liquids, residue and bacteria that can cause odors and breed germs. Testing The only way for a manufacturer to be sure their gear absorbs the optimal level of energy from an impact can only be determined through testing.  Demand to know if you gear has been tested. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Gear Features To Avoid

Martial Arts Sparring Gear to Avoid Foam Too Lightweight If too light, you’re likely trading weight for safety. While its important to have freedom of movement, and for it to be comfortable, if the foam is thinner than 3/4" thick, the protective features are reduced. Textured Foam Textured images on the foam reduces thickness of the foam, its energy absorption ability and your safety. Corrugated foam, waffle look foam or any other foam that is altered in some way or has a molded pattern to it has reduced safety properties. Open Back Design Though the strikes in this area are likely accidental, a strike to the back of the head could cause serious injury. Falling on the back of head can be fatal, so head gear that leaves an open back is providing less safety properties than one that covers the entire head.

Martial Arts Masters: Christine Bannon-Rodrigues

Steve Collins - Wednesday, October 24, 2012
Christine Bannon Rodrigues for Macho Martial Arts Christine Bannon-Rodrigues is the winner of over 100-major National and International Karate Tournaments.  She has won a total of over 1,000 trophies in her competitive career, as well as over 100 Grand Championships. Christine's accomplishments at the W.A.K.O. (World Association of Karate and Kickboxing Organizations) Games has earned her several world records, including the honor of having been the only person, man or woman, to have ever won three World Titles at a single event. She established another world record when she did the same in 1993, making her the first person in history to have ever won three World Titles in two consecutive W.A.K.O. Games.  Her aggregate total of (9) World Titles is yet another unprecedented and as of yet undisputed world record. Christine is the chief instructor at the Don Rodrigues Karate Academy in Warwick, Rhode Island, a job she has held since 1985. Along with her husband Don, the Academy each April presents the Ocean State Grand Nationals - a well attended and respected event.  Contact Christine at the Academy and connect with her on Facebook. Christine's martial arts training is diverse, specializing in the following Martial Arts disciplines: •    8th Degree Black Belt - Kenpo •    Weapon's Defense •    Multiple Attacks •    Women's Self-Defense •    Wushu •    Rape Prevention •    Judo •    JuJitsu •    Chinese Weaponry •    Bo / Staff •    Sword INDUCTED INTO THE FOLLOWING "HALL OF FAMES" •    Black Belt Magazine •    Inside Kung Fu Magazine •    Budo International Magazine •    NASKA •    PKL •    Action Magazine •    Krane International •    Foxwoods Nationals •    World Martial Arts Federation •    Amerikick Internationals KARATE WORLD TITLES 1999 W.A.K.O. Pro World Champion - Women's Lightweight Fighting 1995 W.A.K.O. Pro World Champion - Women's Lightweight Fighting 1993 W.A.K.O. World Champion - Women's Lightweight Fighting 1993 W.A.K.O. World Champion - Women's Soft Style Forms 1993 W.A.K.O. World Champion - Women's Weapons 1991 W.A.K.O. World Champion - Women's Lightweight Fighting 1991 W.A.K.O. World Champion - Women's Soft Style Forms 1991 W.A.K.O. World Champion - Women's Weapons 1990 W.A.K.O. World Champion - Women's Forms FILMS
  • Calico 
Martial Arts: Choreographer, 
Popcorn Pictures, Producer – Don Rodrigues
  • 27 Dresses : Featured Bridesmaid, 
20th Century Fox / Spyglass Ent. -  Producer – Gary Barber
  • Disney's Underdog: 
Walt Disney Studios / Spyglass Ent.   - Have No Fear Productions, Inc.
  • X-treme Fighter: 
Starred as "The Virus"
Gorilla Productions  - Producer – Bill Gottlieb
  • Batman and Robin: 
Stunt Double, Batgirl (Alicia Silverstone)
 Warner Bros. - Producer - Joel Schumacher
  • The Next Karate Kid: 
Stunt Double ("Julie") 
Columbia Pictures - Jerry Weintraub Productions
Christine Bannon-Rodrigues

Is Your Head Gear Really Protecting Your Head?

Steve Collins - Wednesday, October 17, 2012
Macho Headgear Safety FeaturesIt gets tougher and tougher to know what type of martial arts headgear to buy. Sometimes students are free to buy what they want, but often the martial arts school chooses for you by stocking their store with a particular brand. How do you, or they, know what is providing the best protection? Truth is, most headgear does not pass the current ASTM standard for martial arts headgear. For a very long time, the martial arts industry had no standards so unlike other sporting goods you might purchase, martial arts gear was not held to a safety standard and still is not regulated like it should be. 30 years ago, Martial arts master Soo Se Cho recognized a need for protective gear for the sport and established what is recognized today as the standard design. His vision influenced the growth of protective trauma gear resulting in improved materials, patented innovations, extensive research, and continued product development. What’s On the Market? The majority of martial arts headgear, punches, and kicks on the market today are made of vinyl-dipped roam rubber. Underneath that shiny coat of pain, you have a base of foam that is available in various densities and thicknesses. Not to mention, there is a need to calculate coverage, curves, and overall shape for optimum protection. At the end of the day, you may have two sets of gear that appear to be the same, but once you put it on, their protective properties may vary drastically. Testing: Not All Foam is Protective Macho, in particular, is a company dedicated to driving innovation for the sport, credited with developing the once-patented features that are now a standard part of gear design. Macho has spent the better part of 30-years learning about and testing the properties of foam in order to better understand how it was protecting athletes. Macho Martial Arts Dyna Sparring Gear Head, Punch & Kick             Macho Warrior Sparring Gear Macho sparring gear is made with 7/8" special formulated impact dispersing foam. Macho's Dyna gear (in red) is the best selling and best priced option. Warrior, shown in blue, is designed and manufactured with the same standards as Dyna, and includes an extra layer of foam for more protection to critical strike zones. Things to Look For:
  • Properly designed head gear reduces the energy of the impact before it reaches the head.
  • Closed-cell foam with a thickness of at least three-quarter inches is the standard for head gear construction.
  • Added safety includes layers of foam on vulnerable concussive areas like the back of the head and temples.

Martial Arts Masters: Jarrett Leiker

Steve Collins - Monday, September 10, 2012

16-Time Sport Karate World Champion

Jarrett Leiker has been a lifelong practitioner of martial arts, starting at the age of three under the instruction of his mother and father, Jill and Bob Leiker. Throughout his career, Jarrett has competed in hundreds of tournaments around the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. He is a 16-time NASKA, WKA, WSKF and NBL professional world champion and a 3-time SKIL amateur world champion. Jarrett holds world titles in point sparring, traditional weapons, creative weapons, musical weapons and traditional forms, clearly making him one of the most well rounded martial artists in the world today. In 2005, Jarrett was diagnosed with spondylolisthesis, a degenerative spine disorder. After undergoing a nine hour spinal fusion, it was doubtful Jarrett would ever do martial arts again. Not to be shut out of his life long dreams, Jarrett worked through two years of strenuous rehab and returned to competition in 2007. Mr. Leiker immediately made an aggressive return to the tournament scene and Within one year Jarrett was once again crowned world champion at the WKA International Championships in November 2008. In 2009, Jarrett captured an unprecedented four gold medals at the WKA World Championships in Huelva, Spain. Shortly after the 2009 season, Jarrett was featured on the cover of the 2010 Century Martial Arts product catalog. Century is the world's largest martial arts supplier who contracts exclusively with organizations such as the UFC, while also reaching every independently owned martial arts school in the world. By gracing the cover of Century, Jarrett joined the ranks of greats such as Chuck Norris, Bill Wallace and Matt Mullins. 2010 proved to be Jarrett's most successful year yet, capturing 5 world titles (NASKA-2, WKA-3) and finishing the season undefeated in Traditional Weapons and Traditional forms in both national and international competition, a feat which has never been matched.

Train with Jarrett

Private Lessons
Jarrett Leiker is available for private instruction, please consult Jarrett directly for rates. Instruction is offered both in person and virtually over Skype. Please schedule your lessons at least 4-6 weeks in advance.  Jarrett specializes in the following areas: 1. Traditional Bo Staff 2. Creative/Extreme/Freestyle Bo Staff 3. Creative/Extreme/Freestyle Sword 4. Traditional Japanese/Okinawan Kata 5. Traditional Korean Forms 6. Point Sparring 7. Continuous Sparring Jarrett Leiker and Sensei Mark Russo | Amerikick Sensei Jarrett Leiker with Sensei Mark Russo, both of Amerikick Kansas. Jarrett Leiker won the prestigious "Warrior Cup" at the 46th Annual AKA Grand Nationals in Chicago in January, 2011. Photo: AmeriKick Overland Park, Kansas.

Macho Head Gear Testing: Built Better

Steve Collins - Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Macho Martial Arts Head Gear TestingBuilt better by design and proven safer with testing. Its a simple concept that helped our designers know how our gear performed and how it stacks up against the competition. Macho’s 30-year dedication to safety in martial arts culminated with the recruitment of fellow professionals and industry leaders to participate on a special Martial Arts Headgear Committee dedicated to establishing ASTM safety standards on the unique equipment demands and potential injuries particular to martial artists sparring. The approval of the testing methodology for manufacturing safety standards established the first such standard of any kind for the martial arts industry, and set the stage for better regulation of other protective sparring gear. Macho and Dr. Dennis Lieu used a new testing apparatus that utilized a swining aluminum art to simulate the force of a martial arts kick, and upon impact, measured the acceleration forces absorbed by the headgear. Dr Lieu observed that Macho ranked as a clear winner for impact dispersion stating, "Macho headgear outperformed all other martial arts headgear tested using the ASTM safety specification standard." Our commitment is to all martial artists, from the beginner to the world champion – and it demands we stay in the lead. Much of our gear exceeds the standard, and we want to make sure that we continue to set the standard for the industry to follow. Macho's Test Performance This testing was performed in accordance with ASTM F2397-04a for protective headgear used in Martial Arts. The lower the velocity, the safer the gear. Macho Headgear Test Results The maximum acceleration measured during impact cannot exceed 150-G's. Many other popular brands will not pass this test. Ask your manufacturer for their test results. Macho XP was discontinued due to lack of interest based on price. However, Macho leveraged this experience and modified the XP to meet the demands for law enforcement and military training. Today XP is sold to law enforcement environments under Macho's law enforcement training division brand, RedMan Training Gear. The striker shall be rotated backwards, extending the spring, and released so that the striker impacts the headform. The impact shall achieve an impact velocity of 5 ±0.3 m/s. Measure the resulting acceleration time history of the headform. The maximum acceleration measured during impact cannot exceed 50-G's.

Martial Arts Masters: Brendon Huor

Steve Collins - Friday, August 10, 2012
Brendon Huor Three-Time NASKA World Champion Captain of Team AKA Demo Team Inspired by his father and Bruce Lee movies, Brendon Huor began his martial arts training at the tender age of three years old under Grandmaster Chung Eun Kim. He competed in his first tournament after receiving his orange belt, and won all three divisions he entered. Enjoying the challenges of competition, Brendon continued to train, and entered every tournament he could find. By the age of seven, Brendon received his black belt in Tae Kwon Do and traveled to Minneapolis to compete in the Diamond Nationals tournament. This was where he was first exposed to Extreme Martial Arts and it was there that Brendon knew that was what he wanted to do. He began to mimic the forms of World Champions such as Jon Valera, Mike Chatarantabut, and Jimmy Phan and began taking tumbling lessons. Always wanting to expand his knowledge of different types of martial arts, Brendon also started training in Shorei-Ryu under Jai Johnson of Moline, Illinois. Because of his experience in Extreme Martial Arts, Jai was able to help guide Brendon in the correct direction with his routines and performance skills. It was at Terry Creamer's Silver Sun Showdown tournament that Brendon would finally meet Matthew Mullins, in the Seventeen and Under Weapons Grand Championship division. After losing to Matt in Grands, Brendon began taking private lessons from him, and at the same time was introduced to Sensei John Sharkey. After a few years of private instruction from Matt, Brendon began placing higher at national tournaments, and even garnered a few first place wins. However, this did not satisfy him. Wanting to learn more, in 2003, Brendon traveled by himself to Shenyang, Liaoning, China to train in China's national sport of Wushu. After two years, Brendon returned to America and continued his training at Sharkey's Karate School where he eventually earning his black belt in the style of Shorei-Ryu. In 2005, Brendon was asked by Matt to perform with Sideswipe at the Carnival Choreographer's Showcase in Los Angeles. His unique style of integrating Wushu with extreme martial arts impressed Matt so much that Brendon has been a part of the Sideswipe team ever since. Brendon currently resides in Naperville, Illinois and when he's not performing with Sideswipe, can be found teaching at Sharkey's Karate School. He continues to compete regularly in the NASKA circuit and is a three-time world champion and captain of the World Champion ISKA Team Demo team, Team AKA.